Elevating Healthcare and Enriching Communities

Insight is a physician-owned integrated health system. Founded by Dr. Jawad Shah in 2008, Insight provides the communities we serve with world-class healthcare services and advanced medical technology.

Patient Care Second to None

Patient-centric care is at the core of everything we do. When patients visit us, they can expect an accurate diagnosis, a treatment plan that meets their unique needs, and compassionate care.

Community Commitment

We are deeply rooted in community revitalization and wellness, empowering youth and families through our extensive services.

Mission and Values

  • To provide top-tier medical services and foster community wellbeing
  • Dedication to transformation and impact
  • Core Values: love, loyalty, innovation, teamwork, adaptability, energy, execution, ethics, and integrity
  • Love is the foundation for patient care, colleagues, families, and the community

Keeping Healthcare Local

  1. Insight Medical Campus: Flint, MI
  2. Charter Surgery Center: Fenton, MI
  3. Insight Healing Center: Fenton, MI
  4. Insight Surgical Hospital: Warren, MI
  5. Insight Dearborn: Dearborn, MI
  6. Insight Hospital & Medical Center: Chicago, IL
  7. Insight Keokuk: Keokuk, IA